A Few Career Options for Cosmetologists

Did you know that Americans spend, on average, over $30,000,000 a year on beauty products? It is a staggering number, but it is true. If you are looking into a career in cosmetology you need to keep this figure in mind. Many people fail to consider the fact that a career in cosmetology has the possibility to extend beyond cutting and styling hair. In this article you will be able to read more about the career paths that you can pursue when you obtain an education in cosmetology.

Salon Booth Rental

The most common option for cosmetologists is that of renting a booth and working in a salon, being a hired employee in a salon, or starting your own salon business. There are positives and negatives to all of these options. If you are thinking about renting a booth in a salon consider these positives and negatives that may come with this option. The positives may include the following:

  • You can set your own schedule (within the salon’s business hours)
  • You can manage your own business
  • You keep all your earnings (minus the booth rental fee)
  • The ability to choose your own product line
  • Possibly make more money

The negatives may include the following:

  • You may have to compete with other hair dressers
  • Your job may not be secure
  • You may make less money during slow seasons
  • You have to do your own advertising and marketing
  • You have to do your own book work, including filing quarterly taxes
  • Sometimes work in a negative professional environment

Salon Employee

If you are an employee in a salon owned and managed by someone else, you can encounter positives and negatives just like while renting a booth. The positives include the following:

  • Greater job security
  • Mentoring, guidance, and education by the salon owner
  • A flow of customers based on quality and relationships
  • A team atmosphere among stylists
  • Book work and taxes handled for you

The negatives may include the following:

  • Being at the mercy of the salon owner for your schedule and hours
  • Having to sell the salon owner’s product line choice
  • Having a set hourly or salary wage
  • Your career movement may be limited

Owning a Salon

Another salon option is owning your own salon. While you may be working in your salon doing the same thing that you would be doing as an employee in a salon owned by someone else, you have the added responsibilities and benefits that come along with owning your own business. Some of the benefits of this option include the following:

  • You can set your own prices and hours
  • You can set your salon apart from others by the type of stylists you hire
  • With hard work and effort, you can build your business as well as your bank account
  • You can choose your own product line
  • You have control over your own business destiny

The drawbacks that may come along with this option include the following:

  • There are expensive start-up costs
  • There is a large responsibility on your shoulders for the success of the salon
  • You have to be responsible for all human resource issues
  • You have to be responsible for all bookkeeping

No matter what option you choose, you have the opportunity to be successful in a cosmetology career. You can also learn more about your options, you can read more.

The Advantages of Using a Badger Shaving Brush Instead of Your Fingers

12-13The face is important; it is the first thing everyone sees, and having healthy skin helps add to a good first impression. Many people have to have a clean-shaved face for the workplace. Some men have to shave at least once a day, while others only need to a few times a week. Depending on which products are used really makes a difference on the shaving experience. For example, there is a big difference between using your hands and a badger shaving brush.

The Steps to Shaving

There are two steps to shaving that any man can tell you about: lather and shave. Some people just use an electric razor on dry skin. For those who perform shaving as a ritual, there are a few more steps to shaving. The first is to apply a pre-shave product or wash the face with hot water. Continue reading

Why You Need a Great Barber

5-11If you are anything like the rest of the American population right now, then there is a good chance that you have overlooked the amazing capacity for comfort and growth that can be found when you trust your appearance to a high quality barber in NYC. Not all hair stylists are created equal. That is why some cost a lot more than others. Even if you are the kind of guy to try and find the best deals on everything possible, it is time to realize that cutting corners on the person who cuts your hair is a mistake. Fantastic Sams may be fine for someone who has aspirations to do little more than merely eke out a living, but if you are someone who really wants to make something of himself in the world, then investing in a great barber in NYC is an important step to take. If you are finding yourself on the fence about this decision, then here are some of the reasons you should consider using a more highly trained specialist in the field of shaves and hair cuts. (two bits!) Continue reading

A Shaving Travel Kit Keeps a Man Looking His Best

Within the business world men are expected to travel out of town to meet with clients and vendors. In every industry there are men and women who are expected to spend a portion of their time on the road. When a trip for work takes a man away from home for a few days, there is a need for the individual to maintain his clean cut professional image. Airline restrictions that prevent a man from packing all of his full size shaving accessories into his luggage require a smaller travel kit that can provide the approved amount of liquids to be transported with him when he is out of town. A man who is expected to look his best as he represents his employer knows that wherever his work takes him he has to be as professional as he can. Whether travelling for a couple of days or spending a week or two on the road, the business traveler is expected to be well dressed and clean shaven wherever his work takes him. Continue reading

Using Men’s Shaving Oil

Most individuals simply keep a razor, some extra blades, and a shaving cream, foam, or gel in their shaving repertoire. However, shaving oil for men can prove to be extremely useful.

Choosing a Shaving Oil

There are many types of shaving oils available for men. It may become overwhelming trying to figure out which one to purchase for your home shaving needs. It is wise to avoid mineral based oils, such as baby oil, as they are extremely greasy, can clog pores, can make your skin oily, and at times can cause break outs. The best option is to use natural-based oils. These oils are gathered from various plant materials. They help condition your skin while washing away easily. Some people make their own shaving oil mixtures at home. This is fairly easy to do as it only requires a carrying oil as well as some essential oils. Continue reading

Fight the Harmful Effects of Oxidative Stress with Protandim

It’s a well-known fact that stress can have hazardous effects on the human body; but what most people don’t know is that oxidative stress can actually cause a variety of diseases. Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease have both been linked to oxidative stress, as well as heart failure and chronic fatigue syndrome. So what, exactly, is oxidative stress? Oxidative stress happens when free radicals, also known as hazardous cell byproducts, aren’t counteracted by the body’s antioxidant defense system.

Oxidative stress can be caused by smoking, pollution, sunlight, and alcohol consumption. One of the more popular treatments for oxidative stress is Protandim, an all-natural, plant-based remedy. Protandim strengthens our survival genes by increasing our body’s cells’ abilities to survive the stress imposed by free radicals. Continue reading

Click Here for Help Easing Your Child’s Dental Anxiety

Many kids are afraid of the dentist. This fear can stem from an overall shyness issue, the unfamiliar sights and sounds in the dentist’s office, or a number of other reasons. Fortunately, there are some things that you as a parent can do to help your child overcome this anxiety. Fear of the dentist is very common and should not be punished, but should also not be rewarded by allowing your child to skip dental visits altogether. Click here for some different ways that you can make seeing the dentist easier for your anxious child.

Start Them While They’re Young

The best thing you can do for your child to prevent fear of the dentist in the first place is to start taking them to the dentist while your children are still young. While the recommendations from dentists vary regarding when to start taking your children in for regular dental checkups, many dentists suggest the earlier the better, such as when the child’s first tooth breaks through. Continue reading

Finding Great Razors for Men

The single most important part of shaving is the razor that you choose; no one item that you use will have such a drastic influence on your shave. If you select the wrong razor, you can only expect to have a very discomforting shave; you will end up with nicks and cuts, and have the worst razor burn you have ever experienced. So when you are looking at razors for men, there are some basic things to consider. The razor you choose is only intended to remove the stubble off your face, and that is the only thing you want it to cut. You want to choose a high-quality razor to avoid unnecessary cuts and lacerations. Avoid buying cheap blades that will cause more damage to your skin than the benefit they are giving you during your shave. The best thing to look for is a razor that is going to give you multiple close shaves. If you are looking for that new-born smooth skin feeling then you really want to be discriminating in your choice. Continue reading

B12 Injections for Energy and Weight Loss

In this day and age, while diseases and obesity plague society, taking steps to improve your health has become a necessity. Diet, exercise, vitamins and supplements, and even surgical procedures can all serve to correct problems and get your life and health back on the right track. One method to improve health and promote weight loss that is increasing in popularity is the injection of the vitamin B12. Getting B12 injections in Parker can help jumpstart your new health and fitness routines by assisting your efforts to lose weight and take care of your body.

About the Vitamin B12

One of the eight various B vitamins, B12 is a water soluble vitamin that helps form blood, keep brain and nervous tissue healthy and functioning, and is involved in different metabolic functions. It is not a naturally-occurring vitamin except through bacteria synthesis. However, in addition to finding sources of the vitamin to ingest, the human body can sometimes convert between the different B vitamins. The absorption of B12 is dependent on intrinsic factor (secreted in the stomach), and the inability to absorb B12 has been linked to various diseases. Continue reading

Three Benefits of Going to a Sedation Dentist

Technology has helped to advance every part of our society, but the advances seen in the medical world are the most telling. Since dentistry is a unique niche of the medical world, it is no surprise that there have been some pretty cool new vistas revealed in this part of your life as well. One of these is that you are now able to see a Covington sedation dentist for all your dental needs. You simply walk in and take a nap while all your dental needs and concerns are met. This kind of dentistry costs a little more than a general dentist, but there are some great benefits to using this kind of service. Here are just three of them.

It Allows You to Overcome a Phobia

You would be surprised at how many people harbor a fear of the dentist, despite the fact that for the most part, dentists are fairly nice people. The drilling and the smells and the pain that comes from these visits seem to override the niceness of any of the real personalities of the people involved. When you use a Covington sedation dentist for your dental needs, then you can avoid a lot of the fear and torture as you will be asleep. Continue reading